Best Type of Carpets For The Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most intimate part of your house. It is where you take rest and de-stress yourself from all the worries and anxieties you face in your life. If there is any place in the house, anyone can find solitude is in the comforts of their bedrooms. But, because it is a private area doesn’t mean you should not style it up. Giving your bedroom a revamp may be the best thing for you, with all the things happening in the outside world. 

To help you select the best type of carpets for you, we at Carpets at Home have compiled the best kind of materials that you can choose for your bedroom.

Best Type of Carpets For The Bedroom


Nylon provides great friction for a slip resistance feature. Nylon is arguably the most popular carpet for bedrooms because it is most durable. It may not be soft, but it holds its shape for a more extended time and is very comforting and perfect for most bedrooms.


Polyester is a durable preferred type of bedroom carpet where there is high activity of movement of people. It is effortless to clean and is resistant to liquids most of the time. If your pets or children are running around the house, you already know the amount of spillage and accidents inside the house. Cleaning polyester also does not make it lose its durability. But, polyester clusters itself into little clumps, which can be challenging to clean if you do not clean regularly.


Wool is the most traditional type of carpet for households. It is the most popular material next to nylon. People who stay in colder regions prefer wool over nylon because of the warmth it provides. It is very sustainable for the environment as it is bio degradable and gives off a luxurious look. It is also highly resistant to dirt, and you may not have trouble cleaning it up. 

But, these days, wool is not available in the market, and you may have to shed off some extra money to get a good quality woollen carpet for your bedroom. 


Acrylic is also another material that has a clean and modern approach. It is effortless to clean, and you get so many patterns and designs to choose from acrylic. Many homeowners select acrylic because it is resistant to electricity, which significantly benefits families with children or animals. 


Olefin is a material that is gaining popularity over the years. It is inexpensive and very durable for homes looking for a cheaper but good quality carpet material. It has a texture similar to wool and feels soft to touch. It is also not hard to clean the stains on this material. It is ideal for cooler places since prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the carpet faster.


Aside from these materials are also cotton, triexta and chenille. If you already have a carpet in mind, contact Carpets at Home where we can provide the best carpets and flooring options in Warrington.