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Widnes Carpets


Carpets at Home carries a broad spectrum of carpets to complement any space, lifestyle, and budget. If you are looking to complete your home with the perfect carpet for your needs in Widnes, but are not quite sure what you are after, we at Carpets at Home are always happy to offer you advice. You may already have your heart set on contemporary stripes or modern funky patterns, or you may prefer the aesthetic of traditional wool loop Berbers or luxury saxonies. Carpets at Home offers stain-free carpets for busy families and hard-wearing, practical but beautiful, carpet for high-traffic areas like your halls, stairs, and landings.


Our vinyl flooring is durable, sound-proof, budget-friendly and extremely easy to maintain. Because our Widnes customers only want up-to-date looks coupled with the utmost practicality, Carpets at Home’s complete selection of vinyl flooring now features textured surfaces that are simultaneously slip-resistant and realistic-looking. Whether you are partial towards timeless wood and tile designs or are looking for contemporary designs, we have the perfect vinyl flooring to suit your taste. Feel free to get in touch whether you’re ready to explore our selection or simply want some tips.

Vinyl flooring in Widnes


Our quality laminate flooring is easy to install in almost any room and carries long guarantees. A wide range of options to suit every price range ensures that all our customers in Widnes are able to find the laminate they were looking for. You may love the idea of creative laminate options such as a Scandinavian white wash or modern designs, or maybe you would rather choose a more rustic European wood or English oak. Carpets at Home has an extensive selection to guarantee that you will find the perfect laminate option no matter who you are.

Laminate flooring in Widnes


Luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT flooring, are the perfect choice for the most active households in Widnes. These strong tiles are a 100 per cent waterproof, making them excellent for your kitchen, and a wonderful choice if you have pets or young children. Choose flooring that will last you a lifetime in styles that accommodate any taste. Wood, marble, stone, or granite – regardless of what look you are after, our luxury vinyl tiles will fit into any room.

Luxury vinyl tiles in Widnes