How To Choose The Best Home Carpet

A beautiful arrangement of carpets gives a relaxed and delightful décor to your home. Homes built beautifully are more uplifted by the perfect combination of carpets for its floors. So, the task of choosing the best carpets for you is a must to do for your home.

Carpets are a delight for your living rooms and spaces. It comes in many variants of colours and material. Choosing the right type is essential for your lifestyle and luxury. So, you must consider the design, material and durability of carpets before installing them in your homes. If you would like help choosing a carpet or flooring option, contact Carpets at Home. We are the #1 company when it comes to carpets and flooring in Widnes.

Here are some ways in which you can do that.

How to choose the best carpet for your home

Choosing the suitable material and type 

There are various types of carpets available in the market, for example, nylon, polyester, wool, jute, cotton etc. To choose from amongst these materials, consider your lifestyle first and your pets who live with you. If you want a soft and warm touch to your feet, carpets made from wool or fur should be considered. If you’re going to keep everything natural in your home, opt for carpets made from jute, coir or cotton. The carpets’ density, resilience, and weight are significant for the correct type of carpets at home.

Carpet styles for each room

Some carpets suited for bedrooms may not be fit for the living room or hallways or kitchens. So, when choosing, keep in mind the various rooms and spaces in your home. For bedrooms, light shaded coloured carpets will give a bright appearance to the room; for the stairs or hallways where there is constant movement, thicker, coarse, and closely knitted carpets should be placed. Such carpets will also do well if you own pets (cats and dogs) at home. In kitchens, it is best to have fire retardant material carpets that are easily washable. Stain-resistant carpets are advisable for both the kitchen and kids’ bedroom. Compare the colours and patterns before placing the carpets in your home.

Size of carpets

Depending on the size of your rooms, place the right size of carpets. If you have a considerably larger room, avoid big sized carpets as it will hinder the highlights of your rooms, i.e. the furniture. The carpets should not blow the proportion of spaces in your home. Persian carpets are ideal for homes with small rooms. Make sure that the carpet is also not too small in comparison to your rooms. Take into considerations the shape of stairs and hallways and also irregular-shaped rooms before installing carpets.

Budget requirements

Before buying or installing carpets, ensure that you get separate bills for carpet and installation. For a luxurious look, sometimes cheaper carpets may be more elegant than the costly ones. Low pricing carpets may do just fine for your stairs or hallways. Explore every material type and price before installing. Most materials except wool are available at a lower price.


Before installing, know about its cleaning and maintenance requirements. Always stick to carpets that you can clean easily. Unless with plenty of time in your hand, avoid carpets with high maintenance with special equipment.


We hope you will have a better idea of choosing the right type of carpets for your home according to your style and budget. Carpets at Home provide several options for you to choose the best carpets for your home.