Elegant Carpet Ideas for Your Home

Different cultures have used carpets since the 5th century BC. To this day, they remain an essential element of a house for various reasons, including comfort, insulation, noise reduction, and appeal. These beautifully woven decors have long been associated with luxury, sophistication, and class. By simply adding the right carpet in a room, you can instantly transform it into a luxurious suite. So, how do you pick the right carpet shop in Liverpool, incorporate it into your home and make it your lifestyle?

Ideas/Tips for choosing an elegant carpet for your home:


An important aspect when choosing your carpet is the colour. However, consider the overall colour palette of the room beforehand. The walls, flooring, and furnishings should complement your carpet. Elegance is about looking aesthetically stylish, so be careful not to overdo any aspect of the room, such as too much lighting, bright and colourful walls, etc. If you are unsure about taking the plunge yourself and need help, servicing sites like carpetsathome-ltd.com is a good choice. Experts usually consider warm, neutral colours the safest option to make any house effortlessly classy and elegant. 

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Size and shape

Carpets have varied shapes and sizes with no universally specific measurement. It entirely depends on the individual and the available designs in the market. Before choosing a carpet, you must keep the room in mind. According to interior designers, for an elegant and expensive look in living rooms, go for large (square/rectangle) or full-room sized carpets.


The standard carpet materials are nylon, polyester or PET, wool, polypropylene or olefin, triexta or PTT, and acrylic. PET carpets are the best option for this look because of their stylish appearance and soft texture if you are on a budget. The only con is that it is less durable than nylon or wool. If money is not an issue, wool is the perfect choice for a luxurious looking living room. For staircases, a tough material like wool, nylon and acrylic are ideal.


Although there are various other types, the two main categories carpets come under are- loop pile and cut pile. This simply refers to how the carpet is weaved, how it looks, and how it feels. Cut pile is a better option for an elegant looking carpet and home due to its plush appearance and texture. The best choices for cut pile types are textured, saxony and frieze. Textured and frieze carpets are better at hiding footprint marks, whereas saxony carpets are known for their rich and smooth feel.

To sum it up, there are still many other factors to consider when buying a carpet. Is it stain/water/heat/infestation resistant?

How pet/kid-friendly is it? What is the maintenance level? How durable is it?

The list goes on. The practicality and aesthetic aspect can be weighed and decided after more research and expert help. Nevertheless, these four tips will serve as the basic aspects you need to look into before transforming your house.