Fitting Carpets: Getting the Results You Want Every time

Fitting carpet can add some refreshing and colourful look in a bland room. A carpet can also behave as insulation and absorb sounds that usually echo in spaces. They are great for keeping the rooms warmer and sound proofing your children’s bedroom. So, the question is, how do you fit a carpet? Fitting carpets are not as easy as other DIY tasks. However, the article will discuss the topic and hopefully help you lay the carpet like any professional after you complete reading.

Essential Tools You Need to Fit a Carpet

  • The carpet you want to put
  • Craft Knife
  • Lining Paper
  • Strips of Carpet Gripper
  • Knee Sticker
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Staple Gun
  • An Underlay that is suitable
  • Measuring Tape
  • Carpet Stretcher
A guide on picking the right carpet for your home.

What type of Carpet Should You Get?

No doubt, the process of picking a carpet can be confusing sometimes since there are so many available options. All the products have various properties of use, so you will have to choose wisely depending on what reason you want a carpet. It is better to make yourself familiar with the options of carpet that are in the market.

How to Fit Carpet?

So, after deciding to choose a carpet for your home, all you have to do now is make arrangements to fit the carpet. The following will guide you to fit a carpet without the help of a professional.

Cleaning the Floor and Measuring the Room

Finding out the size of our room is the first step before anything else. It is vital to ensure that you buy around 10% to 15% more than the size you think will be enough.

Ensure to secure the sub-floor and clean the panels that may be dusty, also thoroughly vacuum the surrounding areas. Once these are complete, you can now begin fitting the carpet.

Installing the Carpet Grippers

Carpet grippers keep your carpet in a fixed position. They are thin wooden strips that have sharp pins on one side. Always avoid doorways when you lay the grippers on the wall perimeters. Ensure that the pins point upwards, leaving a small gap between them and the walls.

Remember to put on gloves when you handle the grippers as the pins are very sharp and hazardous.

Laying the Lining Paper

Laying the lining paper is one of the essential processes while fitting the carpet. Getting the suitable underlay will result in having a more lasting carpet.

Picking The Right Underlay

With so many varieties of underlay, it is crucial to pick out the right one for your work. The life span of your carpet also depends on the underlay.

Installing the Underlay

You will need to install the underlay on the strips you lay out on the area you want to put the carpet. Ensure that the underlay strips do not lay on each other or overlap.

Cutting the Carpet

After arranging the materials, you will need to take measurements of the carpet and cut it out accordingly.

Laying Two Pieces of Carpet

Joining two carpets can make it a little thicker. So, ensure that the seams of both the carpets match as the whole image of the carpet can look unsightly.

Finishing Up

In the last step, you will need to ensure that the carpet is attached properly. You can do this with the help of a knee kicker. 

Once the fitting is complete, you have now become a professional carpet fitter. For more information click here.