Flooring Trends in 2021-22 for New Home Owners

2021 flooring trends will focus on designs that are simple and do not draw too much attention. Due to the global situation, people prefer light and airy space more. Styles that are comfortable, effortless, long-lasting, and affordable will be popular. Here are some tips for those who wish to know the basic idea and trends before decorating your homes.

2021-22 flooring trends:


Ceramic- This flooring is cheaper than marble. Those who prefer natural stones can use this type of flooring. This will give a luxurious quality without spending a lot.

Hardwood- Being a timeless material, natural wood will continue to be used this year. 

Laminate- On the affordable side of things, Liverpool laminate flooring will be a great choice in 2021. Exact waterproof replicas of wood without the heavy price and maintenance will be a favourite.

Luxury Vinyl- Just like laminate floors, Liverpool luxury vinyl flooring will be seen in many houses due to its price range.

Flooring trends in 2021 and 2022 for new home owners


Ceramic- Natural and light colours. The style here is minimalism without overwhelming the overall space of the room. The light colour scheme will follow in all the rooms and bathrooms as well.

Hardwood- Varied shades like true black, light washed nudes, light brown and grey blends will be in vogue.

Laminate- Just like hardwood, laminate floors will mostly follow light-washed and muted tones. The idea here is to give the appearance of a spacious living area without feeling crowded.

Luxury Vinyl- Like laminate floors, clean and light shades that complement the home lighting will be preferred.

Texture and finish

Ceramic- Glossy, natural, and matte finish will be the trend for all types of flooring. Matte or textured surface for bathrooms is recommended.

Hardwood- According to interior designer D.Signers, the preferred textures of hardwood floors for this trend are distressed, hand-scraped, reclaimed, and wire-brushed.

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl- Both types will replicate the look, finish, and texture of hardwood as best as possible. Thus, these floors will appear to have a natural “lived-in” quality. 

Design and layout

Ceramic- Ceramic tile designs will be soft shades and natural lines. The layout will be herringbone, diagonal, wide planks, and chevron. This layout style will apply to all the other types as well.

All in all, in 2021-22, most people will desire a cozy and peaceful home environment to help cope with the stress of the pandemic. Since most of us will be spending a lot of time inside, affordable and effortless style will be the goal with this trend. Natural lighting, organic decor, and easy maintenance will be the prime focus of this trend. 

Another factor for new homeowners to consider is the reselling factor. So, before you take the plunge of decorating your interiors, ask yourself if you wish to sell your house in the future. If so, you might want to choose your flooring accordingly. In this case, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring will be your best bet. You can check out carpetsathome-ltd.com for specialised help.