Home Carpet Trends In 2021

The interior aesthetic design of your house depends on the type of carpet you put for your home. Your floor is no longer a part of your house’s simple attachment. It is also an intimate part of your house that needs styling.

2021 is not over yet. If you plan to revamp your house’s flooring, we’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve compiled for you a list of all the carpet designs that are trending this year. We believe that if you incorporate any of the designs listed below, it will keep your guests attention glued to the floor. For more options, you can contact Carpets at Home: the best company when it comes to carpets and flooring in Wigan.

Home Carpet Trends In 2021

The Natural trend

The Natural trend for carpets has become popular in the previous years, and its popularity keeps rising. Carpet materials like wool or jute give an earthy touch making your home a natural place to thrive. If you intend to make your home where it radiates calmness, try for a natural carpet style.

Geometrical design

Geometrical designs are such a popular thing. People have moved over abstract designs, floral or polka dot designs. Geometrical designs have a futuristic approach to them. Geometric designs with bold colours in your carpet radiate a modern yet fun approach to your house. It is ideal for families that have small children.

Royal colours

Royal colours are a statement design for houses that have large spaces. It can usually be in blue, purple or any dark colours that radiate royalty in them. It is ideal for both single or married people. Adding these colours to your carpet design will add a touch of royalty and also a homely touch. Interior designers recommend that incorporating royal colour onto your carpet not only increase the aesthetic appeal but adds warmth and comfort to your home.

Playful patterns

Similar to geometric patterns, playful patterns give a modern and adventurous approach. Usually, homeowners make a considerable effort to match everything in their house. From carpets to drapes to cushions, they want to match up everything. But, mismatching everything with different playful patterns can help your interior stand out from the crowd. Playful patterns include animal prints, asymmetrical design or stripes and mismatching with floral prints or cartoon prints.

Hotel-style pattern

There’s something about plush carpets in hotel rooms that speaks luxury in their aesthetic. You can also convert your home into a luxurious hotel suite by incorporating carpet styles like velvet or woollen ones. Woollen carpets are also natural and sustainable for the environment. You are not only making a good choice for your home but also for the environment too.

Neutral tone

Neutral is always in trend. It is classy and timeless. Colours like grey, nude and beige are always a favourite option to choose from. It gives your house a modern touch. It is ideal for minimalists who wants to give off a bold statement through their carpets. 


If you plan to revamp your home by changing the carpets, we hope that Carpets at Home will satisfy your choices. We have hundreds of carpet options to choose from that will give the best results for your house.