Home Flooring Designs You Should Consider

Large wooden floors are usually considered in modern interior design. That was not always the case. For a longer period of time, wide planks were associated with terms such as rustic, country and  pine. With modern design the thinking has changed and wooden floors are adopted and found to be luxury.

If you are trying to find inspiration for your next project, we will introduce you to our three types of designs where a modern look is what you have in mind. These could be your dream home flooring in St Helens.

Oak white

White Oak  is often mentioned within the ground industry, but the Wide Plank oak floor look is more than just an ordinary look. It could be a perfect design choice for an apartment when you are trying to find just the right design for a modern look. This oak flooring is extremely practical, allowing you to stay in the right style, distance, and colour you want.

When considering the composition of your oak floor, the main choice is whether to use Plain Sawn or Quarter Sawn oak. The most obvious difference between the two is the appearance of the letter lines.

Once you have selected the oak floor texture you would like to choose, you will choose the colour. Fortunately, there are many colours to be resolved from begging for the right look. oak works best with a scattering finish, from urban wool to smooth black to shiny white.

Home Flooring Designs You Should Consider


Hickory  style is another style of Wide Plank Flooring. The Wide Plank Hickory floor is made up mainly of stations raised to the north, where the trees grow slowly, and include a mixture of black heart wood and light wood that look similar. Hickory also counts well, so you will use black to create a modern look with this dream home flooring.


One of the last, but not the least, options to make the floor look good is Walnut which once was very popular. Due to its naturally dark colour, it is almost flexible when it comes to staining such as Hickory or oak – both of which are relatively easy to get stained.

The Wide Plank Walnut floor features a unique and royal look that goes well with modern decor. And while you won’t brighten the Walnut brilliantly, you’ll make it darker and make it look more formal. This modern California kitchen has done just that in a timely design.

When designing houses, usually a lot of attention is given to  weather conditions  at the place. An honest design is equally important to bind all of this together at the same time. Dirty floors, floor tiles are carved so the finished colour of the ground is a quick turnaround for any visitor entering your home. Floor designs today abound so choosing a floor pattern that enhances your style, enhances the interior design of the space and works is important & can totally change the way your household looks. you will use options such as wooden floors, tiles, natural stone and laminate as your dream home flooring designs.