Popular Carpet Trends In 2021

There is no doubt that 2021 will be a year of many changes. After the significant panic of the past year, the outlook of the people has changed. In interior design, this conversion will be seen through shifts such as walls, floorings, furnishings, etc. When it comes to the family of carpet- rugs, mats, not much has been said. However, the changes will undoubtedly be in sync with the rest of the house. The four main aspects to consider here are design, fabric, colour and budget. 

Popular carpet types in 2021:


Based on various colours of the year results-:Aegean teal, urbane bronze, ultimate grey, aqua fiesta, to name a few, are expected to be seen everywhere between 2021-22. The separation from nature during the past year means that humans now long for it. People wish to connect with nature in the comfort of their homes without risking their health. Therefore, colours of warm earthy tones, neutrals, shades of green and other nature-inspired hues will also be the trend. Thus, carpets with these colours will be popular choices for the year.

The most popular trends of carpet shoppers in 2021


The same attitude towards colour applies to fabrics and textiles as well. First, Liverpool carpets from natural materials like cork, bamboo, jute, seagrass, recycled cotton etc., will be on the rise. “Back to nature” is the theme but done in a subtle way. So, eco-friendly and sustainable materials will be used more, not only to revive nature but to promote the local economy too. Second, traditional materials like polyester, velvet and faux fur that feel soft and comforting will make staying home a better experience. The bottom line is comfort and safety.


For those who prefer carpets with designs or prints, you should look out for organic shapes, soft curves, arches etc. Keep in mind that subtlety is key here, and there is a desperate need for inner peace. If you already have decor like chairs, tables or art pieces having these shapes, you might not want to include a carpet/rug with these prints again. To avoid overdoing it, you have to choose one and balance it out. Themed rooms and too much of anything is not encouraged for this trend. 


This is another major factor that will be prioritised due to the fall in the economy. As finances have been affected in most households, extravagance will not be an option this year. A general tendency to spend judiciously while keeping the comfort factor in mind is recommended. A wise choice to save money is visiting online stores like carpetsathome-ltd.com where you get installation services as well as expert tips. Gone are the days where unnecessary expenditure for a luxurious lifestyle was pursued.

All in all, 2021-22 will be a year of delicate balance and understanding. Both the contemporary and the traditional styles will go hand in hand without one overpowering the other. So, natural and rustic elements will find a liberal place in people’s homes and decor.