Guide To Using Carpet For Your Bathroom

Using a carpet for your bathroom may sound odd to everyone, but it is a good idea to extend the aesthetic appeal all around the house. Nowadays there are many options for choosing carpets for your bathroom but, just because it is good to look at doesn’t mean it will be suitable for your house. There can be quite a few issues which will stop you from just using any old carpet for your bathroom.

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Here are some things you should know before using a carpet for your bathroom.

Guide To Using Carpet For Your Bathroom

Choose synthetic materials

Synthetic materials like nylon or polypropylene (olefin) are promising materials for your bathroom. They dry out fast and do not give an odour if it’s wet. If you use organic materials like wool for your bathroom, they do not dry out fast, and you may have a damp smelling bathroom because of it. 

Lower your pile

Lowering your pile means reducing the thickness of your carpet. If you have a thick carpet for your bathroom, it can result in slow drying and ultimately dampness and odour. Since bathroom floors are prone to getting wet most of the time, it is good to choose a carpet that is of a thin material rather than a thick one. 

Ensure to use a good adhesive for carpet  

Usually, all adhesives that we find in the market for sealing carpets at home are good quality, but it is good to ensure that you buy the best quality adhesive for sealing your bathroom carpets. You need to get a good quality adhesive that can retain moisture in bathrooms since bathroom floors tend to get wet most of the time. 

Choose a washable carpet

There are many types of options to choose for carpets for you. But, if you have to choose a carpet for your bathroom, we recommend you try out washable ones. But, just because it is washable doesn’t mean it will be durable. Look for good quality carpets that will not wear out after the first two or three washes. 

You can choose carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are one of the newest and best options added in the carpeting types. They are self-adhesive, and you may need only to lift the carpet for them to dry out. You can also get it in VOC free material (Volatile Organic Compounds) that do harm the environment or your health. This means you get to choose a sustainable material that is not only good for you but the environment as well. 

Add extra bath mats for durability

Adding extra bath mats to your bathroom not only increases the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom carpet but also extends its durability. It will also help prevent moisture in your bathroom so that there will not be dampness in your bathroom. 


Aside from all these, it is also good to replace your bathroom carpets frequently so that you will not have to face any problems regarding remodelling your floor or dealing with wetness. For more information on carpets for your bathroom, visit Carpets at Home.